2020: four years spreading music literacy and love

Sam Kelly GG Recipient
Solomon Malone GG Recipient
Parker and Noah
Quren Jarvis MS Essay Winner
Adriana w Jeffrey Victor
Adriana w Sam & Dr Lucas
Adriana w Stephanie & Brandon
Catie w her GG guitar
Adriana shares 1st Guitar w Brandon
Parker, Adriana & Noah
Adriana and Matt Charboneau
Adriana with Macaela Salomon
Adriana w Rohit & Quren
Adriana w Emma Wilson
Adriana w Sarah Jones
Spreading Love & Music
About Us
Scholarship Essays 

2020 marks the fourth year of

Grant A Guitar Scholarships

The Grant A Guitar Scholarship is awarded each year to students in order to foster music appreciation and fluency – and, ultimately, to amplify the power that music has to improve our daily lives.


Is music a peacemaker in your life?

Tell us about it in an original essay and you may be eligible to win a guitar and lessons – even if you have never played a note or plucked a string!


The 2020 Grant A Guitar Scholarship is NOT a skills-based contest.

Submit an essay in the month of April on how music serves as a peacemaker in your life and you may be this year’s recipient of a Grant A Guitar scholarship.

  • (At least) one high school student will receive a guitar and lessons worth $1,000, and

  • One middle school student will receive a guitar and lessons worth $500

Donating Instruments to Friends with Friends

AND, as we have each year,

we are EXPANDING our reach!

New in 2020: One student member of Chagrin Falls Park Community Center will receive a guitar and lessons worth $500.

How can you submit an essay?

Submit an original essay (no longer than 500 words) on this year’s theme: How does music act as a peacemaker in your life?


Email your essay to Entry2020@grantAguitar.org any time in the month of April, 2020.

For more information on the 2020 Grant a Guitar Scholarship, visit the 2020 Scholarship page.

Download a PDF flyer and share with a friend!

For more information on prior years' recipients, visit the Essay page.

For more information on The Chagrin Falls Park Community Center and all of our many friends and supporting organizations, visit the GG Friends page.

In October 2019, The Music Settlement announced their 2019 – 2020 recipients of the Grant a Guitar Scholarship. 


We are thrilled for: 


Sam Kelly (pictured on the right) who is a member of the Music Settlement's Rock & Pop Academy. He is posing with Rock & Pop Department Head Alfredo Guerrieri, and  


Solomon Malone (pictured on the left) who is a Suzuki guitar student and is pictured with his teacher, Cory Roberts.

Thank you to the Music Settlement for all that they do to promote the love and appreciation of music and musicianship.

You can learn more about the Music Settlement HERE.

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