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Partners & Kindred Spirits

Each of these amazing organizations are committed improving lives through music. Each has a unique vision and mission and each is led and staffed by amazing, wonderful people. Take a moment to visit with them online - they are each inspirational in their own way.

OU Musical theare.PNG

Ohio University’s musical theater program is suited for students interested in creating the next generation of musical theater - and that includes Adriana. As part of its ongoing mission, a recent cabaret performance night featuring Adriana and others and featured the many talents of her fellow performers. The program focuses on developing exciting new work as well as providing a solid foundation in more traditional practice. 

chagrin park Site-logo.png

A program of Family & Community Services, Inc., the Chagrin Falls Park Community Center is a community center for the health, recreation, education and general welfare to the residents of Chagrin Falls Park. Their mission is to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential and unify the local neighborhood and greater community. This non-profit agency has been in existence since 1954.

The Music Settlement

Founded by Almeda Adams in 1912 as part of the Settlement movement to welcome new immigrants to Cleveland through the common language of music, The Music Settlement provides early childhood education, music instruction, and music therapy to people of all ages and levels of experience in Northeast Ohio. 

Katie's Art Project

Connecting children facing life-threatening illnesses with emerging and established artists through collaborative programs to create a lasting legacy through art.

Creating a tolerance, awareness, and sense of consistency at an otherwise scary time for children facing life-threatening illnesses, where we as people, through the power of art, have the ability to hold time, make it stand still for a moment as we paint, sing, and sculpt it into an eternity.

Chagrin Falls Music Loves
  • Funds over 65% of Chagrin Falls' performing arts programs. (exclusive of salaries)

  • Will invest over $50,000.00 in these programs during the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Contributed funds for professional development for teachers, new band uniforms, accompanists for concerts, the online theory curriculum, the CFIS/MS Drama Club, theater equipment, and new band and orchestra instruments.

  • Awards up to 5 scholarships to graduating seniors every year. 

Warren Henry

A local music store offering musical instruments and instruction. Owned and run by musicians for musicians and music lovers.

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