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Grant A Guitar has a simple mission: To foster music appreciation and fluency – and, ultimately, to amplify the power that music has to improve our daily lives. 

The Grant a Guitar Scholarship was the first - and still the primary - outreach program for Grant a Guitar. Each year, Grant a Guitar awards students with instruments (acoustic or electric guitars) and lessons. Scholarships are not "skill based." Rather, students submit an original essay on each year’s theme. Last year's theme was "How does music act as a peacemaker in your life?" 

We, at Grant a Guitar, recognized early on that there are other organizations equally committed to bringing music into our lives - but with more experience, greater resources, and deeper ties to multiple, diverse communities. In order to better realize Adriana's vision and maximize our potential impact, we have been privileged to have begun some collaborative projects.

Katie's Art Project

Katie's "Music is Medicine" program believes that music is a tool that can better the lives of those in need, especially children. They pair artists with critically ill children so the artists can produce original songs for them. In the process, the artists and patients receive uplifting, life-changing experiences. Grant a Guitar has been providing guitars for these artists and children.

The Music Settlement

Based upon insights and recommendations from The Music Settlement's experienced instructors, students who demonstrate love and appreciation for their music and their instruments are given scholarships. 

Charlie is Grant'ed a guitar via Katie's Art Project

Chagrin Falls Music Loves

Grant a Guitar makes unrestricted contributions to support Chagrin Falls' performing arts programs, professional development for teachers, the online theory curriculum, and scholarships to graduating seniors. 

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