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Grant A Guitar has a simple mission: To foster music appreciation and fluency – and, ultimately, to amplify the power that music has to improve our daily lives. 

We do this as a charity offering musical scholarships that are not skills-based, they are based upon a love and appreciation for the power of music.

Grant A Guitar strives to make music available to anyone and everyone - and especially where it can help us heal and grow. 

A bench overlooking the Chagrin River has been installed to create a quite place for reflection and introspection.

Grant a Guitar is the passion project of Adriana Holst.


Adriana and her father were nearly killed by a speeding drunk driver on December 23, 2016. Adriana's boyfriend, Grant, was killed that night - and the world lost a beautiful soul.

Adriana did not know how to begin what is surely a lifelong journey fighting to make sense out of the senseless. Music, something that was at the core of both Grant's and her life, offered a lifeline - a lifeline that Grant A Guitar now strives to extend to others. 

ABOUT Grant a Guitar

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