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Congratulations 2019 Grant A Guitar Scholarship Recipients

Please join us in congratulating the 2019 High School and Middle School Grant A Guitar Scholarship Winners.

2019 Grant A Guitar High School Essay Scholarship Winner

Alexa Plotkin, a sophomore at Orange High School.

2019 Grant A Guitar Middle School Essay Scholarship Winner

Rebecca Abramovich, 8th grade, Ballard Brady Middle School

AND there's more! The generosity of our donors has allowed us to recognize two "runner's up" and four "Peace Makers" in the High School Essay Category. Please join us in recognizing these wonderful students.

Runner-up winners were each awarded a guitar of their choosing and $100 towards lessons. They are:

Dylynn Lasky, Aurora High School

Alex Hendl, Aurora High School

Our four Peace Makers each receive $75 towards lessons or music purchases. They are:

Mariam Arshad, Kenston High School

Morgan Dillard, Orange High School

Crystal Knight, Orange High School

Jenna Mrofchak, Chagrin Falls High School

Stay tuned as we will be publishing their moving and inspirational essays and sharing more about this fantastic students.

Thank you to everyone who submitted essays and, of course, to each and everyone of you that supported this program.


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